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Rehnke Face Procedures

People today in American culture are more often than not taking control of their lives and seeking to change their bodies through plastic surgery. As I talk to people about facial rejuvenation surgery (facelifts) or operations which make us look younger, most patients seem to have certain concerns. Their eyes are too puffy, have bags, or they look tired when they are not. Perhaps it is the looseness in their neck. Something I hear frequently is, "I'm starting to look like my mother or my father and I'd like to change that if I could." Most of the time we can change that.

There are multiple plastic surgery procedures, as well as cosmetic surgery treatments that can address these problems. Some of them are non-surgical. Some of them involve surgery. It depends on how involved the patient wants to get. Facelift surgeries can be divided into three separate zones: the upper face or brow (browlift), the mid facelift (which usually involves the eyes or cheeks), and the lower face or neck line (necklift).

Facial rejuvenation surgery requires more commitment by the patient. It means going to the operating room. Patients come for a preoperative visit; it's a time where we get to know their medical history and ensure that what we are planning is safe. It doesn't have to involve a great deal of invasive surgery or extensive anesthesia .

Most of the operations we do for facelifts are done under a local anesthetic combined with intravenous sedation. The facelift operation can be done in a quicker manner and with less bleeding. That means less bruising and quicker recovery afterwards. It's very important in our practice that we have a plan that minimizes the amount of anesthesia and maximizes the speed of recovery after facelift surgery.

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