Rehnke Necklift Cosmetic Surgery

Just about the time a person turns 40 they begin to show signs of aging. By the mid 40s one usually notices that their neck is sagging somewhat. This is primarily the result of weakened collagen which is part of the natural aging process and can be made worse by significant weight loss. If this is minor, and there are no other signs of aging, such as a drooping mid face or jowls, then non surgical skin tightening procedures such as micro needling with radio frequency is a good treatment. However, if the problem is more significant then a surgical lift may be in order.

 Neck lifts are occasionally performed on the isolated area of the neck with an incision that runs around the ear and into the hair behind the ear; but usually a better neck lift can be achieved with incorporating it into a face lift procedure. This complete face and neck lift extends the incision up beyond the ear and into the temple. With this approach the surgeon can lift and reposition the quilt of muscle, connective tissue fascia and fat of the entire face and neck in an up and back direction. This securely re-establishes youthful relationships of the face and prevents an unnatural pulled and sheared look. Many times these procedure will be combined with eyelid surgery.

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