Rehnke Cosmetic Fillers and Injectables

Another exciting area is injectables. When we say injectables, what we mean is that we fill in or plump up a crevice, line, or a wrinkle. These are usually stationary lines, not dynamic lines. The lines such as those we see above the lips are referred to as the Nasal Labial Folds.

Another area is lip lines. These lines can be made more plump by injecting substances. In the past, we have used Restylane®. More recently we started using another product called JUVÉDERM® XC. Both of these products are made from hyaluronic acid. These are natural compounds that are found in nature.

In the office we inject this into the lines and immediately can see the results. The crevices and lines are plumped up and filled out. There's very little bruising or swelling. Usually within one week people are completely recovered and look great and the affects are long-lasting.

Fat Injections

Injection of fat, removed at the time of liposuction, is another recent improvement in liposuction procedures. Fat injections are performed in depressions or dimples to improve overall contour and achieve aesthetic improvements that would be unattainable with liposuction alone. This technique can also be used in the face to achieve fuller lips or more youthful facial proportions.

If you are interested in non-surgical procedures such such as a fillers, injectables, or just have questions about your different non-surgical options, click the link below to schedule a personal and confidential cosmetic surgery consultation through our convenient on-line form. Or call 1-727-341-0337.